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Listening to Sexual Minorities Cover smHere is my new book on the experiences of sexual minorities at Christian college campuses. This is both an academic book and an accessible book. It is academic insofar as we discuss our findings from a longitudinal study of sexual minorities who attend Christian colleges in the U.S. We discuss the salience of their Christian faith, their experience of the campus climate, their response to campus policies, their psychological health and emotional well-being, recommendations they would make to administrators, advice they would give to incoming sexual minorities, and so much more. To do that, we had to show the data and explain it, so in that sense, it will read as more academic.

At the same time, we have many breakout boxes to explain the material and “take away” summary points at the end of each chapter. We draw on interviews we conducted with students, and we share their experiences in their own words. In that sense, it is accessible. It is due to be released in March/April of 2018.

Gender Dysphoria coverMy latest book is on gender dysphoria and gender identity. I define key terms and explore what it is like for people who are accurately diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria and discuss some of the controversies in prevention and resolution of gender identity conflicts, as well as offer an integrated framework for how Christians might respond.

Much of the book provides background information and contemporary context for understanding gender dysphoria. The book “thickens the plot,” if you will, so that the complexities are more apparent to the reader.

zondervanThis is a book I wrote when I began speaking regularly at the National Youth Workers Convention, which is an annual conference for equipping youth ministers.

The book introduces some of our original research on the experiences of Christians who are navigating both sexual identity questions and religious identity as a follower of Christ. I draw on a hiking metaphor, that youth are navigating difficult terrain, and that youth ministers can function as trail guides to come alongside them, walk with them, and improve a young person’s relationship with parents (base camp), as well as help them find God on the trail.

Yarhouse cover bethanyIn this book I discuss causes of sexual orientation, whether orientation can change, and then I shift the focus of the book to “sexual identity,” or the act of labeling oneself based on one’s sexual attractions.

The reader is introduced to the concept of “scripts” or cultural expectations for behavior and relating to one another. I introduce the reader, then, to what has emerged as a “gay script,” or a commonly-held set of assumptions in our culture today for making meaning out of same-sex sexuality.

There are then chapters on how parents can respond to a teen who discloses a gay identity, as well as a chapter for spouses who learn that their partner is gay. The book provides more practical suggestions for loving others well with a focus not on orientation but identity.

mp2This is a textbook on psychopathology from a Christian perspective. The second edition is updated to DSM-5 and we have revised popular, foundational chapters on sin and psychopathology and historic pastoral care, as well as added new chapters on topics like trauma. The book was written for graduate students and professionals who want to think about psychopathology “through the eyes of faith.”

sextherapytextThis is a textbook for students and counselors who are studying sexuality and learning how to provide sex therapy. The book is written from a Christian integrative worldview.

There are four opening chapters on perspectives on sexuality: theological, sociocultural, biological, and clinical. Then a section on common sexual dysfunctions, followed by additional presentations counselors may see, such as sexual addiction, the paraphilias, sexual identity conflicts, and gender dysphoria.

Family Therapy 2ndFamily Therapies is a text for graduate students and Christian family therapists. The second edition covers the various models of family theory/therapy and then provides an integrative approach to Christian family therapy. We also discuss specific topics, such as trauma, divorce and remarriage, cohabitation, and working with LGBT+ couples and families.

The second edition, in casting a vision for integrative Christian family therapy/counseling/ministry, sees the need for local family therapy to be influenced by a shrinking, global world in which family therapists will need to expand their understanding of family structure and relationships. Societal and cultural changes will have an impact on our work and the ways in which we think about and engage the families in ministry and service.


  1. Thanks much. I appreciate your work. I have been in quite a few of your presentations at AACC conferences. Your work is very helpful to me as a professional Christian counselor working in a large church setting. Blessings…

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