LimningLimning the Psyche is taken (shamelessly) from a book by the same title edited by Robert C. Roberts and Mark R. Talbot. It began as a collection of essays by psychologists, theologians, and philosophers who presented at a conference I had the opportunity to attend during my graduate studies. I have often referenced the book in classes and have had students read various chapters over the years. Limning refers to depicting, describing, or delineating something. It also originates from the idea of illuminating or bringing something up from the depths to look at it.


As for the blog itself, the opinions expressed here are mine. They do not necessarily reflect the thinking of Regent University or the School of Psychology and Counseling or the field of psychology as a whole. In a blog I will occasionally offer thoughts or reflections on various subjects, but these brief essays are not the same as therapy or counseling or advice on what a specific reader ought to do and should not be taken as such. If I recommend a book, web site, or blog, I do because I found them interesting, not because I agree with everything that is written there.  




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