A Nice Offering from JPT

jptThe Journal of Psychology and Theology web site has a nice feature. They offer selected articles for download at no charge. Check out the current titles here. The current offerings are really good articles on integration. Here are the article titles and authors. Gary Moon, Ev Worthington, Dallas Willard, and Eric Johnson are four terrific contributors on Christian integration. In fact, the article by Eric Johnson had been selected as one of the most influential integration articles and published in the edited book Psychology and Christianity Integration.

  • Spiritual Direction: Meaning, Purpose, and Implications for Mental Health Professionals
    by G.W. Moon
  • Forgiving Usually Takes Time: A Lesson Learned by Studying Interventions to Promote Forgiveness
    by E.L. Worthington, Jr. et al
  • Spiritual Disciplines, Spiritual Formation, and the Restoration of the Soul
    by Dallas Willard
  • Christ, the Lord of Psychology
    by E.L. Johnson

New Journal: Psychology of Religion and Spirituality

The American Psychological Association’s (APA) Division 36 (Psychology of Religion) will begin publishing a new journal starting in January, 2009. The journal is Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, and it will be edited by Ralph L. Piedmont, PhD, a professor in the Pastoral Counseling Department at Loyola College in Maryland. The journal will publish peer-reviewed articles dealing with the scientific study of religion and spirituality. According to the APA web site, published articles will range from experimental studies to qualitative analyses to comprehensive literature reviews and will be broad in terms of topics, but will also include practical/applied issues related to training and clinical services.

New Journal on Spiritual Formation & Soul Care

The inaugural issue of Journal of Spiritual Formation and Soul Care is available. It is a journal published by Biola University, and the Table of Contents for the opening issue is as follows:

  • The Call and Task of this Journal (John Coe)
  • Introduction to the Inaugural Issue (Steve L. Porter)
  • Advancing the Discussion: Reflections on the Study of Christian Spiritual LIfe (Evan B. Howard)
  • Spirit, Community, and Mission: A Biblical Theology for Spiritual Formation (Richard E. Averbeck)
  • Resisting the Temptation of Moral Formation: Opening to Spiritual Formation in the Cross and the Spirit (John Coe)
  • Spiritual Formation and the Warfare between the Flesh and the Human Spirit (Dallad Willard)
  • Seeking Historical Perspectives for Spiritual Direction and Soul Care Today (James M. Houston) 

JPT – Spring 2008

The Spring 2008 issue of Journal of Psychology & Theology just arrived. There are several interesting topics, including God image (and diversity considerations), emotions, and gender differences in spirituality. One title in particular caught my eye: “Clinical Practice with Religious/Spiritual Issues: Niche, Proficiency or Specialty?” by Dr. William L. Hathaway. Dr. Hathaway is the Program Director at Regent University’s Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology, and I had the opportunity to hear him deliver an earlier version of this paper at a conference. In any case, it’s a thoughtful article, so let me encourage you to pick up your copy today and enjoy some of the leading scholarship on integration of psychology and theology.