The Beautiful Story

The Church of England Evangelical Council has produced a 30 minute video titled The Beautiful Story. I came across it when a friend sent me this post from Ian Paul about it. Ian does a nice job explaining what he likes about it, which is pretty much what I like about it. Here is the video:

In short, The Church of England Evangelical Council attempts to make the case for what is often referred to as a biblical sexual ethic or a traditional sexual ethic. That is, that genital sexual intimacy is reserved for marriage, which is defined as a covenant between a man and a woman. The video not only makes that case but it also addresses what it means to hold a high view of singleness, which includes a high view of singles who are gay and abide by this same sexual ethic.

I thought it was a well-produced video. I found it engaging and a clear articulation of a traditional sexual ethic. It has a kind of “convicted civility” (Richard Mouw) quality to it that I think many people will be drawn to. Others who disagree with the sexual ethic itself will not be won over, but that is not often the purpose of these kinds of offerings.

In any case, I thought some readers might find it of interest.

One thought on “The Beautiful Story

  1. What a great video. For over 13 years- I have known that we Christians- ARE the biggest detraction from new people coming to God. Our hate filled rhetoric regarding OTHER peoples “sin” pushes people away. Generations of Christians using Gods Word AGAINST people who have not yet felt The Holy Spirit prompt their hearts to draw near. Gods own Word says that sin outside the church is Gods business not ours- we are to correct those who claim to walk with Christ.
    My biggest grief in life- which I keep trying to let God carry… is witnessing the wrong doing of those who claim Him as Savior. Especially during this Covid season. How can they claim to be pro life- while condemning others to illness and death- due to their “You can’t tell ME what to do” attitudes.
    Ah well— We forgot “Love Thy Neighbor”.
    Whew- SO much I wish I could share with people and believe me I DO try. If I follow my human brain thinking…where no body or nothing is any of my business- THEN my only purpose on the planet is putting the dog on which ever side of the door he prefers…at the moment…. and filling Don’s pill box once a week. Bringing him coffee and cooking our food. Wah LAAAAAAAA- my life would wasted..

    I am clinging to God— and asking… “what the heck? FIX THESE PEOPLE!!! so I can shut up.”

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