CBN News Interview on Sexual Identity

CBN News put together a program on sexual identity titled, Homosexuality: A Christian View. I think many Christians will find this to be a helpful program. There are perspectives from theology, psychology, pastoral care, and Christian persons navigating sexual identity in their lives or the lives of a loved one.

The program itself is only 30 minutes, but each interview was closer to an hour. CBN News is now making some of those interviews available in advance of the program debut.

In the program itself, you will see excerpts from the following interview. The only clarification I would offer is that my discussion of change ministries precedes a brief mention of a therapy group that I offer. The therapy group focuses on navigating and coping with sexual and religious identity conflicts and is not a change therapy, which is not as clear as I would have liked in the way the interview is edited.

In any case, some readers of the blog may find this helpful:


One thought on “CBN News Interview on Sexual Identity

  1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful interview. I am currently reading your “Understanding Gender Dysphoria” book (found in my local library no less!), and I think what you bring to these topics is gold. It’s been very clarifying and I’m looking forward to reading more of your work. Thank you for your faithfulness to God in this area. I have a heart for this issue for various reasons, and your work is helping me navigate with a compassionate and yet biblical (non-condemning) perspective. Thank you so much. ~Cassy

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