Entering 2015

As many of you know by now, I am not particularly good at blogging. Everyone has already posted their top posts from 2014, and I am just now getting around to looking at the stats. For those who are interested in that sort of thing, it looks like the top post was this most recent one, On the Expectation of Change.This was the post suggesting we show more caution in how we interpret findings from the study I was co-author of on people attempting to change sexual orientation through involvement in Christian ministries. The main point was about how those findings might inform ministry and the expectation of change among Christians.

The other popular posts are actually older posts that have staying power (this is what wordpress tells you to give you some encouragement). These include a couple of posts on Value Conflicts in Counseling and the five-part series on Mixed Orientation Marriages.The former dealt with several legal cases in which graduate students refused to work with gay clients on goals that went against their religious beliefs and values and cited sincerely held religious beliefs as their rationale. The latter is a popular series on several studies we have conducted on people in mixed orientation marriages, which are marriages in which one person is a sexual minority (attracted to the same sex independent of behavior or identity label) while the other spouse is heterosexual.

Also popular is a seven-part series on the Psychology of Judgmentalism and a more recent post On Telling People How to Navigate Sexual Identity. The Psychology of Judementalism series was based on a book and opening reflections I was doing in a course on Ethics. The other post had to do with various resolutions people consider when they experience a conflict between their religious identity and sexual identity.

In any case, those are a few highlights if you are new to the blog. As we enter 2015 I anticipate new posts on a range of topics, including gender dysphoria, as I have a book that is due out in June/July of this year. I’ll blog a little more on that as we get closer to the publication date.

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