Compelling Love

I try to keep up with various documentaries on the topic of sexual identity and LGBT persons. I often use excerpts from some of the better ones in my classes and workshops. There is a really good one that was just released this past week. It is called Compelling Love and you can learn all about it at their web site here.

I have a couple of friends who are interviewed in the documentary, so that alone is meaningful to me.

I also just like the idea of asking people about key concepts that are so frequently tossed around in our society–words like “love” and “tolerance.” The different answers people give throughout the documentary are quite thought-provoking.

Also, I thought one of the most emotionally compelling questions that several people answered had to do with who sits across from you in the cultural debates about sexual identity. This is a great question for all of us to reflect upon.

Ultimately, I think the documentary humanizes the debates that are taking place and helps everyone see through the eyes of the “other” if you will. If you have about 90 min you can spare and have interest in cultivating empathy, perspective-taking, and cognitive complexity, I encourage you to watch the entire documentary. I think you’ll be glad you did.

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