Politics for Christians

07 Oct

politicsChristiansI mentioned previously that our faculty and staff meet regularly for a time of reflection, Bible study, and prayer, and that this year we are reading Politics for Christians: Statecraft as Soulcraft by Francis Beckwith. This week we are discussing Chapter 1: The Study of Politics.

My travel schedule will keep me from participating this week, but I just read the chapter. It is an overview of politics, and it covers the subfields of political theory, comparative politics, American politics, international relations, political economy, and public law.

My favorite part of the chapter was actually the opening story in which the reader is asked to imagine sitting in church while the pastor uses the sermon to get members to vote on a particular issue in a specific way. I was raised in a way that would not appreciate that use of the pulpit; from my upbringing, it would rub me the wrong way and I would feel it would ultimately detract from the more central and abiding message of the gospel.

As some readers know,I attend a large, multiethnic church where it has been interesting to watch the pastoral staff navigate political issues as they arise from time to time. More than multiethnic, our church focuses on being a transethnic community in which ethnic/cultural differences are recognized and celebrated but also transcended in order to foster a Kingdom identity.

I was also struck by the intro in which the author raises the issue of using proof texts to support political approaches one is already committed to, as when conservatives find the free market in the Bible, while liberals find social services (welfare, etc.).

In any case, given that this is an overview chapter, this was a good way to hook the reader into seeing the relevance of politics for the Christian.


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3 responses to “Politics for Christians

  1. str8grandmother

    October 9, 2013 at 10:38 am

    I think this article on the Value Voters Summit that will take place this week-end follows nicely your discussion on Politics for Christians.
    The last comment (thus far) is, “Value Voter Summit is a who’s who of Dominionism.”

    If you are going to study and pray on the subject Christian Politics you have to talk about Dominion, don’t you? A Rose By Any Other Name Is Still A Rose. I would imagine that leaders of Dominionism would lay it out there but never provide the name for it, Dominionism.

  2. str8grandmother

    October 11, 2013 at 4:46 pm

    And here is what happens when you put Christian Fundamentalists in power Mark.

  3. str8grandmother

    October 18, 2013 at 8:48 am

    House of Reprentitives Stenographer, in Open Session screams out for God & Jesus.
    I am VERY suspicious of the Religionist infiltration into our governing bodies.
    Seven Mountains, Dominionism, yes it is real, and yes I will fight against it.
    I do NOT want to live under a theocracy.
    Listen to this woman.


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