Wheaton College & The CACTC

I will soon be teaching an intensive course at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois. The course I teach is a graduate-level course titled Sexuality & Sex Therapy (I teach a similar course in my program.) It’s intensive because it is completed in just one week.

How is the course organized? We take the first couple of sessions to cover various perspectives on sexuality (i.e., theological, sociocultural, biological, and clinical). Then we discuss various presenting concerns, such as several of the sexual dysfunctions (e.g., dyspareunia, desire disorder), sexual addiction, the paraphilias, gender identity concerns, and so on.

While I am in the Chicago area, I will also provide a 2-hour training at the Chicago Area Christian Training Consortium (CACTC). The CACTC is an APA-approved pre-doctoral training program. That talk will be a 10-year review of the literature on various models of services for sexual minorities. I had completed a similar review that was published in Professional Psychology: Research and Practice in 2002. Hence the update on the past 10 years. In the context of that training, I will also provide a primer on Sexual Identity Therapy following the SIT Framework and develop more of how I provide SIT in my own practice.

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