Memorial Day

One of the benefits to living in Virginia Beach has been getting to know so many military families. We have several bases here and in the surrounding area; there are over 20 active military installations in Virginia. Here in the Tidewater area, these include the Army represented (e.g., Fort Eustis, Fort Story), the Coast Guard, and the Navy (e.g., Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base, Oceana Naval Air Station).  That brings many military folks into our daily life. Whether we are talking about our neighborhood, our church, our place of employment, and so on, we have many active and retired military here in our community.

So Memorial Day takes on a new meaning. We have lived here for over 14 years, and I’ve never lived in an area that had so many military personnel present. And it matters. Memorial Day is not just another day off of work. It is not just a day to get the pool going or to break out the grill. Rather, it is a time to reflect on the meaningful service and sacrifice of the many folks in this area. We can discuss and debate particular policies (and neighbors/coworkers/etc. do), but what cannot be debated is the level of commitment it takes to serve the country in this unique capacity.

So Thank You for your service. Today we remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in service of our country.

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