So I was doing a little reading about what it means to take a sabbatical. Of course, I turned right away to Wikipedia (actually, that is the site that came up first in my search). Here are a couple of highlights:

  • It comes from Latin sabbaticus and from the Hebrew shabbat (Sabbath/rest/ceasing)
  • It can last from two months to a year
  • Key biblical passage is Gen 2:2-3
  • Contemporary meanings involve fulfilling a goal, such as a book project or research

Why do I write this? Well, I am on sabbatical this spring. So no year-long sabbatical, but it is longer than 2 months, so I’m happy for that.

I am hoping for some rest, yes, but I am focusing on a writing project – a Christian integration textbook on human sexuality – and a little traveling. The book is a collaborative project with Dr. Erica S. N. Tan. The traveling? Well, a couple of consultation trips to California and Vancouver, as well as overseas. More details to follow!

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