Integration Capstone

This summer students in the integration capstone course are reading and discussing two books. The first is Ev Worthington’s book, Coming to Peace with Psychology. Here is an endorsement from Malcolm Jeeves:

Past discussions of how psychology and theology are related have tended to be written either from the perspective of psychotherapists and counselors or from that of psychological scientists. In a remarkably well-informed, wide-ranging review of the literature, Everett Worthington argues taht ‘we are wise to look at all sources of information and wisdom we have at our disposal – and this includes both Scripture and psychological science.’ This outstanding book is an invaluable, up-to-date reference source on issues at the interface of psychology and Christian belief.”

The second book is edited by Glen Moriarty and is titled Integrating Faith and Psychology: Twelve Psychologists Tell Their Stories. The psychologists include Al Dueck, Cameron Lee, Mark McMinn, Rebecca Propst, Ev Worthington, and Siang-Yang Tan.

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