Stories of Integration

When I came home from vacation I had a nice surprise awaiting me. My friend and colleague at Regent, Glen Moriarty, has just had his new edited book come out, and there it was on my front stoop. The book is titled Integrating Faith and Psychology: Twelve Psychologists Tell Their Stories.

Gary Collins provides the forward, and Glen has brought together an interesting group of Christian psychologists, including Al Dueck, Mark McMinn, Rebecca Propst, Siang-Yang Tan, and Ev Worthington. (Glen also asked me to contribute a chapter, so I wrote about “Practicing Convicted Civility” as my theme.) Some really well known folks are here – people you might expect in this kind of book – as well as others who are really worth getting to know.

Each chapter includes the following components: development (or background psychological and spiritual events from the person’s life), mentoring (the impact of key relationships), struggles (the personal and professional challenges that have shaped them), spiritual disciplines (both impactful experiences and daily disciplines/behaviors), therapy (more of a sharing of insights from providing therapy), and a letter (each section closes with a letter to future students in training).

Glen’s done a nice job of organizing and editing the book into a warm and accessible account of the personal and professional aspects of what it has meant to be a Christian in the field of psychology. I think the reader is in for a unique journey, and I hope the reader will begin to reflect on his or her own integration journey.

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