CAPS 2010

The Christian Association for Psychological Studies (CAPS) national conference gets started Thursday and runs through Saturday. The meeting is being held at the Sheraton Overland Park Hotel in Overland Park, Kansas. Plenary speakers include Richard Beck, Scott Stanley, Shane Lopez, and Liz Gulliford. In addition to these presentations, I am looking forward to sessions by folks like Ev Worthington, Jamie Aten, Mark McMinn, and Randolph Sanders.

I am going to be involved in three panels/symposia. The one I am co-chairing with Jim Sells is on accreditation issues for Christian mental health training programs. It will feature Jim Beck and Clark Campbell discussing their experiences working toward (and receiving) CACREP and APA accreditation, and discussants will include representatives from CACREP and APA. The other two panels I am participating in are a discussion about ethical issues for Christians providing marital therapy chaired by Jen Ripley and a session on “integration journeys” chaired by Glen Moriarty in which participants will share some of their personal story as it relates to being a Christian and a psychologist.

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