Christian Sex Therapy Training

Richmont Graduate University in Atlanta is host to the Institute for Sexual Wholeness, a group led by Doug Rosenau, Michael Sytsma, and Deb Taylor that offers post graduate level in sexuality related issues. Graduates of the training program meet criteria for certification by the American Board of Christian Sex Therapists. The training this weekend is the Basic Issues in Sex Therapy training. This is offered every other year, and they have asked me to join Michael and Doug in teaching it the last few times its been offered. This is a lot of fun, although providing a training like this over a weekend is fairly draining. My part of the training for the weekend included information on ethics in sex therapy, research in sexuality related areas, theological perspectives on sexuality, and gender and sexual identity. Other topics covered by Michael and Doug included multicultural perspectives, assessment and history taking, sex therapy theories, and sex therapy history. I was reminded once again how important it is for the church to address matters of sexuality within our own communities, how difficult it is to do so, and the challenges in providing good and accurate information that can really improve this important area for individuals, couples and families.

2 thoughts on “Christian Sex Therapy Training

  1. Thank you Mark for an outstanding training today in the Basic Issues class, which was really a lot more than basic. I was so encouraged by the perspectives and research you shared! For the first time in my 20 year career as an MFT , I feel like there is a well integrated and balanced model from which to help those who struggle with their sexual identity. Thank you so

  2. Hi Leslie, I’m glad you found the training helpful. I enjoy the opportunity to go to Atlanta to be a part of the team there, and I appreciated the interest students had in both gender identity and sexual identity issues.

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