Wired for Intimacy

Wired for Intimacy is a new Christian psychology integration resource written by William M Struthers. Struthers is Associate Professor of Psychology at Wheaton College. He is an expert on behavioral neuroscience and biological bases of behavior, which are among the courses he teaches at Wheaton. The subtitle of  his new book is How pornography hijacks the male brain. This is what IVP says about the book:

Pornography is powerful. Our contemporary culture as been pornified, and it shapes our assumptions about identity, sexuality, the value of women and the nature of relationships. Countless Christian men struggle with the addictive power of porn. But common spiritual approaches of more prayer and accountability groups are often of limited help.

In this book neuroscientist and researcher William Struthers explains how pornography affects the male brain and what we can do about it. Because we are embodied beings, viewing pornography changes how the brain works, how we form memories and make attachments. By better understanding the biological realities of our sexual development, we can cultivate healthier sexual perspectives and interpersonal relationships. Struthers exposes false assumptions and casts a vision for a redeemed masculinity, showing how our sexual longings can actually propel us toward sanctification and holiness in our bodies.

With insights for both married and single men alike, this book offers hope for freedom from pornography.

The money chapter is chapter 4, Your Brain on Porn. This is the chapter that might be the most difficult for readers to wade through, as it gets into the details of neurobiology, but Struthers does a great job making complex information accessible.

The book does not focus on recovery from pornography addiction. There is an appendix with recommended resources for recovery. However, Struthers ends the book with chapter 8, Rewiring and Sanctification, which offers a vision for changes that could me made if people understood the brain better and took strides to tap into the ways in which neural pathways and related aspects of our embodied personhood can be formed for good (sanctification) or for ill (pornography).

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