Talking to Your Kids about Sex

How and WhenHere’s a topic that creates anxiety for most parents. I don’t know too many parents who feel confident in this area or who even have a game plan for what they intend to do when the time comes.

I was asked to speak to parents this weekend on the topic of sex education. The title of the talk is “Talking to Your Kids About Sex: What to Say, When, and Why.” If others are interested in this subject, I am basing the talk on the books series God’s Design for Sex, which includes the book by Stan and Brenna Jones, How and When to Tell Your Kids About Sex (Baker Books). I think this is by far the best Christian resource/series on the topic. The series also includes four other booklets for children/teens based on their age and addressing appropriate topics in a way that is accessible to where they are developmentally. Indeed, the first two of these booklets, Before I was Born and The Story of Me, are actually read to children by the parent, while the next one, What’s the Big Deal, is read in parts as a kind of script between a parent and child. The last one, Facing the Facts, is for teens is read and then the parent and teen can discuss it together.

There are many reasons this series is the best available. The booklets are age-appropriate, provide accurate information, and address relevant topics. The series as a whole is not geared toward having “the talk”; rather, the focus is on character formation from a young age. So there is an emphasis on education/knowledge, but also on recognizing needs, equipping kids with relevant skills, and providing them with parental and peer group support.

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