A Nice Offering from JPT

jptThe Journal of Psychology and Theology web site has a nice feature. They offer selected articles for download at no charge. Check out the current titles here. The current offerings are really good articles on integration. Here are the article titles and authors. Gary Moon, Ev Worthington, Dallas Willard, and Eric Johnson are four terrific contributors on Christian integration. In fact, the article by Eric Johnson had been selected as one of the most influential integration articles and published in the edited book Psychology and Christianity Integration.

  • Spiritual Direction: Meaning, Purpose, and Implications for Mental Health Professionals
    by G.W. Moon
  • Forgiving Usually Takes Time: A Lesson Learned by Studying Interventions to Promote Forgiveness
    by E.L. Worthington, Jr. et al
  • Spiritual Disciplines, Spiritual Formation, and the Restoration of the Soul
    by Dallas Willard
  • Christ, the Lord of Psychology
    by E.L. Johnson

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