Book Contract Signing Party

marital conflictJim Sells and I just returned from what we dubbed a book contract “signing party.” Actually, it was breakfast. But we received our contract from InterVarsity Press for the book, Resolving Marital Conflicts. The book is for pastors, counselors/lay counselors, and others interested in an accessible model for helping couples resolve conflict.

The model itself can be found in more of an academic form in Chapter 14 (“Attending to Marital Conflict”) the book Jim and I wrote titled Family Therapies: A Comprehensive Christian Appraisal, also from InterVarsity. This new book, Resolving Marital Conflicts, will unpack that model and apply it in practical ways to the kinds of issues pastors and lay counselors in particular address in their ministry.

2 thoughts on “Book Contract Signing Party

    • Thanks, Darci. We hope to have it drafted by the end of the summer, so probably a release in 2010. I hope pastors/lay counselors will find it helpful.

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