A Question With Only One Answer?

Perhaps you’ve seen the answer Miss California gave to the question about marriage. She stated that marriage should be between a man and a woman. The problem with the question was that it only had one “right” answer. It was the politically correct answer. I’ve never seen such backlash for someone answering by giving her honest opinion. Apparently it was an opinion held by many others, judging by the applause in the background. It is an incredibly divisive subject to be asked about in this venue – one designed for soundbites and not substantive reflection and nuance.

I’m not sure what to make of Perez Hilton. Obviously, he felt passionately about the topic. He seemed absolutely outraged by Miss California’s answer. Check out his comments about taking back his apology and calling her various derogatory names. Unbelievable. Her convictions apparently cost her the crown. To her credit, whether you agree with her opinion or not, she stood by her comments and by her convictions. I don’t think she took this tone, but it reminded me of the saying: If you don’t want the answer, don’t ask the question.

It raises for me the larger question of whether we are going to be able to coexist in our culture. We are a diverse and pluralistic society. By definition, we are going to disagree. It isn’t diversity if we all believe the same thing. I remember reading one author years ago refer to the idea that “diversity with substance offends” (or close to that). I remember thinking that it was as if we had to be reminded that diversity actually refers to differences (of opinion, beliefs, values, and so on). The reaction by Perez is a good illustration of how out of touch some segments of our society are with other segments of our society. I think I would have to say the same thing if Miss California acted surprised to have lost the crown over her answer. It raises the question: Can these segments coexist, even when one segment will be offended by the other segment on one topic and vice versa on another topic?

One thought on “A Question With Only One Answer?

  1. As I sat and watched the questions being answered by the top five contestants in the Miss USA pageant, I began to cheer because of the contestants, despite what it might cost her, decided to stand up for what she believed in. The answer to the question is probably undoubtedly what caused her to lose the crown on that evening. However, she was in fact punished for what she believed in. Quite often society advises and encourages people to be individuals. We are encouraged to be individuals. Diversity is encouraged, but if that diversity is based on a Christian standard, it becomes offensive. Our country was established on the basis of freedom. Yet certain individuals are not free to express what they believe. Based on the fact that Miss California stood up for what she believed in is what should have in fact caused her to be rewarded with the crown. She is an example. For all young girls watching the pageant on that particular evening, they learned that it is not important to stand for what you believe in, because that is not what get you the crown, the recognition, the applause, etc. Just from watching that, there may have been a young girl struggling with the pressure of whether or not she should lose her virginity or if she should wait until marriage because that is what she has believed for so long. She might choose to go ahead with the pressure of external forces causing her to contract a disease, get pregnant, or just having to live with the feelings of guilt for giving in to what everyone around her was saying. What about the young child watching the pageant because that is what they want to do when they get older, but they now feel like whatever it is that they do not agree with, they must suppress their feelings because it is not the status quo. We are a diverse nation. Miss California did not seek to OFFEND anyone. Muslim women from the Middle East are not openly criticized for lack of fashion sense because they wear head coverings. Hindus are not openly criticized because they refuse to eat certain meats such as cattle because they believe that they are sacred. The list goes on. Those are just my thoughts.

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