Covenant College

Covenant College sits on the top of Lookout Mountain, Georgia. It is a beautiful campus. The college was founded in 1955 and has a strong theological heritage in the Reformed tradition. 

I just returned from a two-day visit in which I was asked to give two chapel addresses and a community forum on the topic of sexual identity. I shared with the students that I haven’t been to a Christian college campus recently that doesn’t have students simply eager to be relevant when it comes to the topic of homosexuality. This held true at Covenant College, too. It’s not that Christian college students today want to change what the church has historically taught about human sexuality or sexual behavior; rather, many today want to interact with the topic of homosexuality in a more constructive manner. They want to raise the discussion above what they have seen modeled for them in the past.

Most of my time was spent offering another way to approach the topic – by discussing sexual identity and a more holistic view of the person, rather than focusing narrowly or exclusively on orientation, its causes and the expectation of complete change.

In the end I found the students to be very bright and compassionate, and the faculty and staff to be a terrific witness to God’s desire that all of what we do should be done to His glory.

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