Integrative Approaches – 2

The second chapter in Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity by David Entwistle is titled “Allies or Enemies? Historical Views on Faith and Science.” The question in the title and at the end of the chapter gets at the crux of the matter. Here is Entwistle’s answer:

A historical survey would suggest that they have been both at various times over the past several centuries. In many ways, the foundations of science were paved in part by a Christian worldview that allowed for the universe to be seen as an orderly place in which laws could describe the regularities found within it, based ont eh premise that the world was created by a powerful, rational, and personal Being. Nonetheless, conflicts have periodically arisen both over the primacy of ways of knowing … and over findings or theories that have been objectionable to members of the church or members of the scientific community. [p. 39]

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