Through Eyes of Faith – 14-18

The next section in Psychology Through the Eyes of Faith is a single chapter on Memory (Chapter 14), and the following section is much larger, encompassing Thinking and Language (Chapters 15-18). Chapter 14 reviews research on what makes messages memorable. The authors cite principles, such as use of vivid examples, connections to what the audience already knows, repetition, use of listening aids (e.g., taking notes), and a call to action.

The larger section on Thinking and Language was also interesting. In Chapter 15 the authors review information on why we tend to make connections among events when those connections do not actually exist (e.g., confirmation bias). Chapter 16 is titled “Superstition and Prayer.” We were just discussing the use of prayer in a class I teach on Applied/Clinical Integration, so it was interesting to read about research experiments on prayer and some fo the benefits to prayer as well as reasons to be cautious about research.

Chapter 17 adresses “the new spirituality” by discussing topics such as reincarnation, near-death experiences, and communication with the dead. There is an interesting section on Robert Emmons work, The Psychology of Ultimate Concerns, and his case for spiritual intelligence. Chapter 18 address the relatioship between thinking and language. This has been an interesting topic for me as I often address in my writing and clinical work the issue of labeling who we are by our attractions, as occurs when people with same-sex attractions integrate their attractions into a public gay identity.

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