The Host

Just to show that she can do more than the teen vampire genre, Stephanie Meyer had her first adult science fiction novel published this summer. The book is titled The Host. The book is based on the idea of aliens who take over earth by taking over the minds of humans, leaving the bodies intact. Human beings are essentially “hosts” to this other life form, and the book is about one host body in particular, that of Melanie, who is not prepared to give final control over to her alien, Wanda (The Wanderer). Okay. (The book is actually not as corny as that last sentence just made it sound. I promise.)

Books about aliens taking over the earth can go in many different directions, so I was curious where Stephanie Meyer would go with this plot. I thought that there might be more underlying messages about the environment, and there is some of that – there is certainly concern for human violence and some funny exchanges about individualism and competitiveness, but the book is not preachy in this way, and I suspect most readers will agree with many of the author’s observations and find the ways in which they are presented interesting.

Stephanie Meyer’s writing style makes this a very hard book to put down. If you pick it up you may get through it in a day or two. But it is more than just an exciting sci-fi book; it is also a book about what makes someone who they are, about the relationship between the body and the mind, and in this sense it is a book that raises questions about personal identity. It does not take itself too seriously in this regard, but I enjoyed the opportunity to think about identity issues and to reflect further on several interesting questions raised by an author I had only known for teen fiction vampires. Stephanie Meyer shows that she is in this business for the long haul.

5 thoughts on “The Host

  1. when i reached the end of the book i was like their must be a sequel. like how their were other human groups hiding and the world is still invaded with souls or parasites makes it unending…that book can continue and still be interesting..b ut still i dont understand how it came to be an adult book..twilight has more sexual contents than the host …but this book kept me up all night…this novel is 651 pages and i read it in a day and a half it was magnificent..i was utterly speechless at the end of the book completely. so with out any hesitation im proud to say stephanie is one of my best authors of all time after edgar allan poe ofcourse…she amazing…WHOEVER DID NOT GET THE CHANCE TO READ THIS BOOK IS MISSING ALOT WHEN IT COMES TO BOOKS OVERALLL. writers must envy her she has such an imagination that just makes me wonder and want to know what she thinks about half of the time. this book contains alien life form in the humanworld and different species loving each other despite their differences

  2. Thank you for your post. I agree with you on all points. Whenever I read this book I had previously read all 4 Twilight books and I didn’t know what to expect, but from the very beginning I was addicted and it didn’t take very long at all to finish it. At the end I had laughed and cried and loved all the characters. I have heard rumors of 2 more books in making. I guess we’ll have to stay tuned for that information!

  3. Alright. I totally agree with your post, and I don’t really have much to add, but the fact that I am absolutely in love with “the HOST” and of course I am obsessed with Stephenie’s twilight saga… so I could not refrain from commenting. ok…if anyone who is reading this has not read the host, or any of the twilight books….you can just go and shoot yourself in the foot. Have a nice day! Chow for now 😛

  4. i’de really like to see this book get turned into a movie. It was soo good not as great as twilight but really amazing. I must say i didnt really get it at first it was a bit confusing, and im an 8th grader that reads really hard books, but it wasnt that it was hard to read it was just like, wait what are they talking about can you see melanie or is melanie inside of wanderer? but finally i got that Mel was visible that Wanderer was actually inside of Melanie. Anyways i loved THE HOST and im actually doing a school project on it its pretty hard cuz i have to get pics that resemble the important scenes in the book. hmmm

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