New Journal on Spiritual Formation & Soul Care

The inaugural issue of Journal of Spiritual Formation and Soul Care is available. It is a journal published by Biola University, and the Table of Contents for the opening issue is as follows:

  • The Call and Task of this Journal (John Coe)
  • Introduction to the Inaugural Issue (Steve L. Porter)
  • Advancing the Discussion: Reflections on the Study of Christian Spiritual LIfe (Evan B. Howard)
  • Spirit, Community, and Mission: A Biblical Theology for Spiritual Formation (Richard E. Averbeck)
  • Resisting the Temptation of Moral Formation: Opening to Spiritual Formation in the Cross and the Spirit (John Coe)
  • Spiritual Formation and the Warfare between the Flesh and the Human Spirit (Dallad Willard)
  • Seeking Historical Perspectives for Spiritual Direction and Soul Care Today (James M. Houston) 

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