Pavlov’s Dawgs – Playoffs


The playoffs are here, and Pavlov’s Dawgs went in as the #8 seed. That means we played the #1 seed in the first round. The team we played this weekend is the team that sent us packing last year. To help the reader with the suspense, let me say that we did not win the game tonight. However, it was by far the most exciting game of the season for us and our fans. The Dawgs got off to a slow start. In fact, we were down early by a score of 23-4. After a much-needed time-out, we regrouped and played to within 13 or so by halftime. Then we rallied in the second half, cutting the lead to as little as 1 point, if I recall. But in the end the Dawgs lost 63-57. It is “one and done,” as they say, so the Dawgs are done and out of the playoffs. The Dawgs say goodbye to some great guys who are heading out of the area on internship. A core will hope to return next season.

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