Happy Easter


Today Christians around the world are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. Easter is the highest church holiday, and we celebrated it last night by attending an Easter service at our church. As we were reminded of the person and work of Christ, and as I think about the practice and profession of psychology, I was reminded of the title of Eric L. Johnson’s compelling article, “Christ, the Lord of Psychology.” Here is the abstract:


Explores how Christ’s lordship relates to the field of psychology. The lordship of Christ over all of a Christian’s life is an assumption basic to Christianity. The acknowledgment of his lordship in psychology is especially problematic today because of the pervasive naturalism and neo-positivism of modern psychology. Nevertheless, an understanding of the kingdom concept in Scripture suggests that Christians are inevitably called to work toward the expression of Christ’s lordship in psychology. This occurs as the Christian pursues psychological knowledge and practice before God, aware that all true truth about human nature is an expression of God’s mind, that sin and finitude limit one’s ability to grasp the truth, that the Scriptures are needed to properly interpret human nature, and that kingdom activity involves a faithful response to Christ’s lordship in one’s work with others and one’s knowing of human nature.





It was published in Journal of Psychology & Theology, 25 (1), Spr 1997, pp. 11-27. It was also recently reproduced in a volume titled Psychology & Christianity Integration: Seminal Works that Shaped the Movement edited by Daryl H. Stevenson, Brian E. Eck, and Peter C. Hill and published by the Christian Association for Psychological Studies.



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