Pavlov’s Dawgs – 3


Pavlov’s Dawgs secured their first win of the season tonight! It was a pretty even first half, but we were able to pull away a little more in the second half. If you’ve been following the Dawgs, you know that we have been down four players since the opening few minutes of our first game. All ankle injuries. Sprained ankles, hairline fracture – you name it. But we had two of the four players back tonight and the Dawgs were able to put together a decent game. I should also mention that the Dawgs’ fan base is very impressive. I’m not sure they have a name yet: The Dawg House? The Kennel? Also, I’ve managed to locate a more recent team photo (from last season). Strange that we now have almost a month off before our next game. I’m not sure who sets the schedule, but a little rest sounds pretty good about now.

3 thoughts on “Pavlov’s Dawgs – 3

  1. Yay Dawgs! W00t! Scooby Snacks for All!

    Mark, wanted to thank you for the “shame vs grief” info. The presentation went well, but what I personally learned can almost be compared to a paradigm shift. Blessings on your week!

  2. “Scooby Snacks”! Very funny…

    Glad to hear that the presentation went well. It is an important area of clinical work; many of us see a lot of men and women who struggle with shame, so I wish you well with it as you continue to do work in this area.

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