Integration in Statistics?

I tend to teach courses that lend themselves to discussions of integration: Ethics, Family Therapy, Psychopathology, Human Sexuality. Other courses, however, can sometimes seem removed from integration discussions. One such course is statistics. I recently came across an article by Jan Geertsema on a Christian perspective on Statistics as a discipline. Here’s Geertsema’s conclusion:

It has been pointed out that study of these questions is the responsibility of a Christian statistician in order to form a single integrated world and life view. But the view of Statistics sketched here also has implications for the teaching of Statistics by the Christian. Students should not only be taught “the facts” which modern textbooks present. They should also know that there are different presumptions as to what constitutes a “fact,” as well as different interpretations and uses of them. Students should therefore be helped to realize that belief, and thus their own belief, is connected to the subject which they are studying.  

Geertsema discusses various contexts in which statistics might be viewed (e.g., Historical, Scientific, and Social) and argues for the place of a Christian view of statistics.

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