Winter Retreat 2008

Our winter retreat in the School of Psychology and Counseling was led by Dr. Gary Collins. Gary is sometimes referred to as the “father of Christian counseling.” He is a licensed clinical psychologist and author of over 40 book (including the weighty Christian Counseling) and 170 articles. He was invited to talk to the faculty and staff about emerging themes and changes in the fields of psychology and counseling. The title of the talk was Change or Die, which was drawn from Alan Deutschman’s book by the same title. In the book Deutschman asks whether people would change if it was a matter of life and death, and he provides research suggesting that most people will not make changes, even in life and death situations.  In any case, Gary discussed the potential value of knowing where the fields of psychology and counseling are moving and making intentional decisions about our own work and training of students in these areas. He discussed (a) the impact of technology, (b) neurobiology and psychology, (c) spirituality and religion, (d) global issues, and (e) professional trends and issues. The rest of the time was spent discussing in small groups ways in which we were (or could be) interacting with these themes. Retreats are great opportunities to visit with colleagues you might not get to interact with as much on a day-to-day basis. It was encouraging to know that several colleagues are doing innovative work in several of these areas, and that several are poised to do so given their interests.

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